Corporate Structuring for ICO

When approaching an ICO project, great care has to be taken to ensure proper legal and corporate structure is put in place, failure to do so can lead to a whole host of issues for you at a later date. Some of the problems which you can encounter are;

  • Incorrect legal setup
  • Inefficient tax set up
  • Corporate setup in a volatile regulatory domicile
  • Incorrect organizational structure
  • Lack of strategic management

While those listed are important, the list is not just limited to those named. In conclusion, it is best to get it right from the start and if it is not right, to rectify the situation at the earliest possible time.

Which country or domicile to host your ICO from?

There are a number of domiciles which are worth considering to run your ICO / ITO from, at the time of publishing (April 2018) the most common or popular domiciles to run your ICO from are below (Please note, the order is not indicative to the popularity or the region)

  • Malta
  • Gibraltar
  • Switzerland
  • Estonia
  • Cyprus
  • Slovenia
  • Russia
  • Panama
  • United Arab EmiratesSingapore
  • United Kingdom
  • Turkey

You should also note, as the popularity of blockchain increases, more and more countries are developing regulations which allow for this fund raising activity to be pursued. However, many countries are maintaining a stubborn approach and determining all ICO’s to be illegal. Their ultimate agenda’s remain to be seen for this approach but we do our best to maintain a consistent overview of the best domiciles for ICO’s.

Legal Representation for an ICO

Picking the correct legal representation is all part of your ICO structuring, a lawyers who works entirely within the crypto markets will have the best knowledge of foundations, SPV’s and corporate setups to ensure that you are covered in all aspects of your raise. RAMP have numerous partnerships with legal teams across the globe and will happily facilitate your set up for you.