ICO Community Management

If you have successfully built a community for your ICO, you will need to initiate ICO community management. This is a time consuming and workload heavy task as it needs to be manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on numerous channels and platforms across the internet.

Where will you need to Manage your ICO Community?


At present, the number one platform for ICO communities is on Telegram. This is due to telegrams encryption model which allows for discussions to be kept secret and even auto destroyed after a given time period. You can create super groups which will allow up to 100,000 users to be in your channel and admins can delete messages on mass and ban spammers while erasing all of their content. Russia of recent has taken steps to ban telegram due to its encryption and if we see this spread, we may well see ICO participants take to a new platform for their ICO Community Management.


Reddit is another favorite and works as a user wall in which users can comment on a variety of aspects of projects. It is good to set up your own project channel and focus on building and managing your community on reddit too.

ICO Forums

There are several ICO forums in which your project can be listed and as such, you will want to be initiating ICO community management in these forums too. The most popular forums for ICO’s at the present time are Bitcointalk and Cryptotalk.

ICO Listing Sites

There are a number of ICO listing sites which have come to be over the past year and many claim to audit their ICO’s. We have found this to be untrue and many of the sites are easily manipulated for ranking and review. Here are some of the leading listing sites:

  • Token Market
  • ICO Rating
  • ICO Alert
  • ICO Countdown
  • ICO-List
  • ICO Tracker
  • Ultimate ICO Calendar
  • Coin Schedule
  • Cyberfund Radar
  • ICO Index
  • ICO Info
  • ICO bazaar
  • ICO Timeline
  • ICO Hub
  • Applancer
  • CoinGecko

Slack was once very popular for hosting ICO communities, however, a string of phishing attacks on these groups resulted in tokens being lost and as such, ICO’s have since moved off onto telegram. Slack is still very good for team speak and there are a number of active communities in which your community manager can post about your project, if the admins allow him.


Yeah, there is an active community on Twitter, but Twitter is not the best for being able to accumulate groups. Its very nature would mean that users would have to actively seek out any posts you have made but it is good for lead generation and pushing users towards your preferred channel, your ICO community management.