Turn Key ICO / ITO Solutions

So, you are planning to raise funding for your project and it so happens your project is the perfect candidate for the blockchain! Well, it would seem a lot of people think this way in the current environment, however, many of them are wrong, lacking of knowledge or just ill-informed about blockchain and raising funds via initial coin offerings or initial token offerings as they are otherwise known.

Understanding blockchain and its potential use cases is an essential task which must be brought to bear in a project from the initial onset, failure to do so, could result in a potentially successful project facing failure due to crowd scrutiny and shallow blockchain or token use cases.

RAMP Enterprises can reduce risk of failure in your initial coin offering or initial token offerings through its diligent and robust turnkey ICO / ITO solution.

Through utilization of a full turnkey solution, you minimize workload for your core team and leave the day to day running of the project raise to a team of professionals who are experienced in all aspects of coin offerings. RAMP, together with its preferred partners, offer the highest quality access to project owners and CEO’s looking to take advantage of coin offerings raising mechanisms.

How does an ICO / ITO full turnkey solution work?

In order for a company or project to be accepted, the project must undergo initial and secondary interviews to ascertain suitability for a RAMP Enterprises turnkey solution and feasibility of a coherent working team which can produce results.

A CEO or project manager who has no experience in conducting an initial coin offering must have the ability to hand the reigns of the project to a team with experience. Throughout the projects life time, a projects C Level executives time is much better used touring the blockchain conference circuit and holding meetings with prospective funds and venture capitalists who may be looking to initiate an investment.

Once the initial interviews have been conducted and the project has been deemed worthy, initial payment is made upon contract signing and once payment has been received, legal due diligence is performed on the company/ project and C-Level executives.

The ICO project

Ok, so all of the nitty gritty is out of the way and the company has passed DD, Ramp will then look to ascertain the best blockchain use cases for the project and initiate white paper construction and advisor outreach and ICO launch site construction.

This can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the complexity of the project. Please note, Ramp does not rush any project, a project should be approached in a methodical manner and time constraints can inhibit quality. High quality projects will always demand more time for better success rates.

Fund outreach

Once we have completed the white paper and assigned the correct crypto advisers and sector specific advisors to your project, it is time for the project to initiate an outreach program to crypto funds, venture capitalists, family funds institutions and hedge funds.

This is a very important fund raising round as it accumulates the needed funds for the ICO. We will delve deeper into the fund raising rounds in the tokenomics page.

Marketing your ICO / ITO to potential participants.

Your project will be broken down into specific raising cycles. These generally consist of;

  • Early Bird / Seed
  • Private Pre-Sale
  • Public Pre-Sale
  • General Sale

Your ICO marketing plans should be initiated to enable community building from the very beginning. Community hype is a core constituent in every fund or pool manager’s decision making process and failure to build your community from the very beginning can cause project stagnation and increase project spend, this is something no CEO wants to happen and unfortunately, it does happen quite a lot when inexperienced CEO’s are at the reigns.

Please note, private sales are generally restricted to partners who maintain strategic potential. This enables the project to gain traction on the back end during the private sale.

Examples of ICO strategic partners would be market makers, liquidity providers and large pools from targeted geographic locations.

Initially, just before announcement, the marketing and community management team will initiate listings on all top ICO sites and begin their influencer outreach in line with the marketing plan which has been strategized by RAMP. You can read more about marketing your ICO on the ICO Marketing  page.

By the time you have reached your public private sale, your project will have a full marketing campaign, community building campaign, community management and central book building process ongoing. The PR team will have your project and you as a CEO/ COO conducting interviews to maintain traction all the way to the end of the general sale and your strategic partners should all be in place.

Post General sale, you should have a successful raise and be on your way to encouraging adoption of cryptos and blockchain with your project.